Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Pumpkin Halwa & a MeMe

Vanamala of Nalapaka has tagged me for this MeMe. 7 Random things about me (Please bear with me)
  1. Soft-spoken. Fun-loving. Little Conservative. I make friends easily. I always have a group wherever I go.
  2. I buy things only if it is really necessary. I would rather prefer to donate to the charity. It may not be a great amount to us, but it would definitely make difference to the needy.
  3. I have always been good at co-curricular activities in school - Dance, Drama, Elocution, Drawing, Sports and more, but all reached their end after my entry into Engineering.
  4. I am crazy over learning things and as a result I had to been to Guitar, Keyboard, Veena, Vocal music, Tailoring and Shorthand Classes. But completed NONE. Typewriting was the only thing I completed. I learnt languages too (hehehe) I can read and write in Japanese (Nihongo), read, write and speak in Hindi, speak in Telugu, learnt Malayalam and little bit of German (Deutsch) too.
  5. I fall asleep more during exam times :)). During my college days, all our friends used to gather at one place to do group study, but I will be the only Solo sleeper. I will set alarm and will keep snoozing every five minutes. Had the alarm clock been alive, it would have given me left and right :) The last few hours just before the exam are more precious to me and that is when I read things. I prefer to be more attentive in class and not spend too much time going through the book. To everyone’s surprise I stood first in my Engineering final year (don’t ask me did others fail...a distinction OK). Later I did Masters in Software and secured 8.5 (out of 10 and not 100 ;) )
  6. I hate to watch Movies (don’t have the patience to sit for hours), can't read novels/stories/articles that run into pages. The only books I prefer and like to read are my Technical books (have to…otherwise can’t survive in this Industry).
  7. I try hard to be punctual, but there will be a little variance always. I love to arrange things, but will mess it up...arrange again, mess it up...arrange again, mess it up (gives me more work, can't be idle isn't it?)

HERE is a BONUS ;)

I am not a great cook… to be frank I never cooked until 2005. All I could cook was Noodles !!! I started cooking with my mom's recipes. Whenever I get a recipe from my mother I generally note it down and save it in my laptop. I had it in the form of html with links to other recipes in my local system. Shilpa's Aayis Recipe and Viji’s Vcuisine were the first two blogs I visited. Until then I was not aware of such foodblogs. It gave me a thought…”Why not post these recipes on internet instead of having it local “Then on I started posting recipes.

Hope this blog does not get into my ‘COMPLETED NONE’ list.

Thanks to you all for your time and patience in reading my MeMe.

I would like to tag TBC The Budding Cook for random MeMe. Please do it if you are interested and if you have time.


Now something sweet to relish.

Pumpkin Halwa. Whenever I see a Pumpkin two things come into mind 1) Its incomparable colour 2) Halloween.

Pumpkin halwa is similar to Carrot or Beetroot halwa.

Pumpkin - 1 small portion (as shown in the picture)
Milk - 1/2 Cup
Sugar - 4 Tsp
Cashew nut - 5
Raisin - 12
Saffron - Few
Ghee - 4 Tsp
Cardamom - 1 or 2

  1. Peel off the pumpkin skin, cut it into small pieces and grind into coarse paste using a mixer.
  2. In a pan, add the pumpkin paste and add milk.
  3. Allow it to cook until the milk disappears.
  4. Now add sugar.
  5. Once sugar melts down, add 2 Tsps of Ghee.
  6. Saute for sometime and switch off the stove.
  7. Heat 1 Tsp of ghee, fry cashew, raisin and Cardamom seeds.
  8. Mix it with the pumpkin halwa and add 1 Tsp ghee.
  9. Garnish with Saffron and serve.

Enjoy the dish.


Asha said...

Seec,you sound like a hyperactive fun loving gal!!Loved reading that:))
Pumpkin halwa looks yum! Love the color too!

Vanamala Hebbar said...

SeeC good to see your meme and pumkin halwa. Looks tasty yummy.....

Sharmi said...

that was a great one to read, I too can't read novels. I loved the pumpkin halwa. simply great one.

Laavanya said...

Seec good to know more about you! Are you a Gemini by any chance?

USHA said...

Hi Seec,

It was interesting to read your Meme...which is a chance to know more about you....

Hmm..yummy pumpkin halwa...it is sweet as your meme./.

SeeC said...

Thanks Asha.

Thanks Mala for your comments and for tagging me.

Thanks Sharmi. Same boat :)

Thanks Laavanya. You are right ! How did you get that?

Thanks Usha. So nice of you.

swapna susarla said...

Hi seec
love reading ur meme.So u are an all rounder.Isn't it?:-)
I love halwas.but never tried any of it....pumpkin halwa looking tasty.

Jyothi said...

Hi Seec, interesting meme. Thanks for sharing. That halwa looks yummy.

BTW I am adding your blog name in my foodie's list.

Richa said...

LOL! u went to a lot many classes :)
halwa looks so colorful & inviting :)

Taste of Mysore said...

I am with No.2 of donating away things. Nice halwa.

Coffee said...

It was so nice knowing about you SeeC. :)

archana said...

It was fun reading your meme and knowing more about you :) You cook well. The pumpkin halwa looks delicious , loved the colour :)

Roopa said...

hi i am first timme here! loved reading your meme very fun loving and interesting gal :). you have good collection of recipes here. will keep visiting

Vcuisine said...

I could not say which one is so sweet, your meme or the halwa :)

Nice to know about you SeeC. So i am your inspirtation ???. You have many talents. Interesting post. Viji

SeeC said...

Thanks Swapna. I love to participate in everything, whether I win or not is a second question. Try this halwa, it is easy and tasty

Thanks Jyothi for the comments and the link ;)

Thanks Richa...yeah too many...but an expert in none.

Thanks for stopping by Taste of Mysore. Good to know that you too donate.

Thanks Coffee.

Thans Archana. 'Cook well' -- hehehe...additional thanks for that :)

Thanks for stopping by Roopa. Keep coming.

Thanks Viji. So nice of you to deliver that comment :)
Absolutely you are one of my inspiration.

Laavanya said...

ha ha seec so you are a gemini! :)
There were some things about you that reminded me of myself and I'm a gemini, that's why I asked. The making friends easily, learning a whole lot of things but not really becoming an expert at anything and the organizing + messy again cycle ... :) Too much like me.

SeeC said...

Very glad to know that you have similar qualities. Good good good.

TBC said...

Hey SeeC,
That was fun to read. That helped in learning a little bit more about you.Thanks for tagging me. I will get to it in due course, I promise!
Pumpkin halwa looks good & simple!
I tried your sprouted moong salad the other day. It was good.

Dee said...

hey nice to know abt u seec, Pumpkin halwa looks tmpting!

sra said...

SeeC, that's a nice meme. I was also like you - I learnt tennis, dance, wanted to learn music, then I learnt Russian and then French. French was the only thing that stuck, to some extent. I can read Russian, can't understand even the little bit I learnt, though.

Sia said...

LOL seeC. enjoyed reading ur meme:) well, i love to watch movies n read books(any book for that matter;) so we r complete 'ulta' cases;) he he he...

Kajal said...

You are languages master.....I am always impress that type of people who know more and more languages....I like your point no-5....Very nice me me....Pumpkin halwa looks delicious. Great going dish.:)

SeeC said...

Thanks TBC.
Very nice to know that you tried Sprouted moong salad & liked it.
Waiting to see your MeMe.

Thanks Dee.

Thanks Sra. You too :)) Russian... that sounds unique. Good :)

Thanks Sia. Opinion differs isnt' it. I wonder at people who read books for hours !

Thanks Kajal. Good to know that you liked it.

Jyothsna said...

So you are the Jill of all trades!!! :) Nice to know you! That halwa is great! Where have you linked me? You me blogrolled? No problem :)

Poonam said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!..the halwa looks yummy!

SeeC said...

Thanks Jyothsna. Yes I meant the blogroll !

Thanks Poonam.

Prema Sundar said...

Nice to know about u thru ur meme Seec. Its nice to know abt and learn many things.. keep going.
Pumpkin halwa has got a lovely colour..have never tried halwa with pumpkins and would love to sometime. thanks.

Suma Gandlur said...

Loved your meme and learnt a little bit about you, though couldn't figure out what your name is.:)
I love pumpkin halwa and your's looks yum.

SeeC said...

Thanks Prema. Do give it a shot and let me know how it turned :)

Thanks for stopping by Suma. Nick names are more exciting and thrilling isnt' it?

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi SeeC, read your meme. I felt I was reading about my self like the 4, 5 and 7th points.
Nice halwa!and lovely colour!

zlamushka said...

Hi Seec, thanx for letting me know, it was nice to learn more about you (curious me)... You seem to be a lovely person, no wonder that you re always 'in a group'...

SeeC said...

Thanks Zlam.

Jeena said...

Hey Seec great meme :) I also love your pumpkin halwa recipe! I enjoyed reading this whole post :)

SeeC said...

Thanks Latha.
Good to hear that you too have similar characters :)

Thanks Jeena.