Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Aadi Month / Aadi Pandigai

Aadi is a tamil month (July-August) and it is the fourth month of the year as per Tamil Calendar.This year, aadi month falls on July 17 (todayyyy) and it is celebrated as 'Aadi Pandigai (Aadi festival)' or 'Aadi Pirappu'(Birth of Aadi month).It is an important festival to all tamilians.

Generally during this month, no new venture is planned. Nothing auspicious is done during this month.No marriages are planned.
Then why is Aadi considered a significant month ??? Why is it a Sacred month ???

In early days, there were months in which spiritualism was promoted. It was considered that social activities would distract the concentration of people who were trying to attain spiritualism.That is the reason no new activities are planned in the month of Aadi and it is considered a Sacred month.Even farmers too took this month as the right time to worship their goddess - River Cauvery for providing water.

This month marks the beginning of all festivals as the following month Aavani is considered as festival season.
'Aadi Perukku' is a festival celebrated on the 18th day of Aadi welcoming the monsoon.It pays tribute to the life sustaining force of water (result of rain, dams etc). People living on the banks of the Cauvery offer special poojas to the river.

My grandparents did live near the bank of Cauvery river. We always wished to be there during this month.You will get to see lots and lots of roadside shops with all the festive josh. I always loved to grab those balloons and play watches.People dressed up in their traditional way with flowers running down the hair,Streets decorated with colourful Kolams, Houses decorated with Mango leaves...you got to see, feel and enjoy it.Aadi Perukku is also called as 'Pathinettam perukku' as it falls on 18th day of the month.

You should see the river bank on this day...poojas will be performed on the river bank (always too crowded) Very authentic.

At home a special pooja will be performed followed by a feast with 'Payasam' , "Sweet poli', 'Vada' and what not ?? (uuuuuuuuuhhhhh want to have some). We wear the traditional Pattu paavadai/saree (Silk skirt) on this day.

Grand poojas will be performed in all the temples.

I miss all those...miss my grandparents too.
Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays of this month are considered very auspicious. Friday of this month is called ' Aadi Velli'.

So for the first Friday of this month (20th July), in the memory of my grandparents...here is my menu 'Kozhukattai' !!!!


Asha said...

OH WOW!! Good info about Aadi month,didn't know that!:)
Waiting for the feast!

Sia said...

very informative post seec. there r so many things we learn abt our own country everyday.

USHA said...


that was really interesting information from you.Actually i use to wonder...lot of temple rituals occur..why don't decide any talk between bride and bridegroom if it is in progress..then weddings...now i got from you.Thanks alot...

sra said...

SeeC, that was an enlightening post, thanks!

Jyothsna said...

Informative post!

archana said...

Nice info. So many facts I did not know :)

SeeC said...

Thanks Asha. Will definitely have e-feast :)

Thanks for stopping by Sia.
Yeah there are lot of things to learn about our country...very diversed.

Thanks Usha.
Earlier days business used to be dull during this month but now-a-days business people try out different techniques like 'Aadi discount' to improve their sale.

Thanks Sra, for your time and comments.

Thanks Jyothsna.

Thanks Archana. It is nice to learn new things everyday.