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Sathu maavu / Nutritious powder

Wish you all a Happy Diwali

Am here after a month...really bogged down with work and other stuff. I wouldn't say I never got my time, but I had other priority tasks to do.I know if I sit down...I would definitely need a minimum of 4-5 hours to drop a few lines in my blog, check out my fellow bloggers etc. So I kept myself away to indulge in other activities.

Let me come to the recipe.

'Sathu maavu' literally means 'Nutritious Flour'. It is mainly used to make Kanji (Gruel). It is prepared using variety of grains and nuts. We are used having it right from our childhood. It is very filling and nutritious too. It is a very good alternative to the usual breakfast.

This is one of my mom's recipe which we like very much. My mom used to send us a pack everytime. I have never prepared this on my own, reason being- lack of facility to do the procedure. Ofcourse the process can be altered, but then we just love the way my mom does.

Though this is my mom's version, this particular post has got something to do with my dad !!! .Wondering how? I called up my mom to get this recipe and told her that I intend to post this sometime. When she started listing the grains I thought I could not do this with pictures. I was not sure if I could get all those grains here. She was actually preparing it there (in India)...right time I asked her. My dad said he would take the pictures of what my mom is preparing and send it to me.

I was really happy and stunned to see the pictures sent by my dad. Nothing extra ordinary, but the way he has tried to get the picture is really touchy. The first two pictures below were sent by my dad. He has taken extra care to spread it on a plate with a background cloth. So nice of him.

OK, here goes the recipe. I am listing down the English and Tamil names.


Set 1: 250 gms each

Millet - Kambu
Finger Millet -Kelvaragu
Green Gram - Payaru
Horse Gram - Kollu
Black-eyed pea - Karamani
Chickpea - Kondakadalai
Urad - Ulundu

Set 2: 250 gms each
Corn Kernels - Cholam
Peanut - Kadalai
Wheat - Kodhumai
Roasted split Chickpeas - Pottukadalai

Set 3:
Poppy seeds - Kasakasa -100 gms
Cardamom - Elakkai - Few
Almond - Badam (Optional) - 10
Cashew - Mundhiri - 10

[Above two pictures were taken by my dad] Method:

  1. Soak Set 1 in water,drain the water and leave it aside for 2 nights (until it sprouts).
  2. Wash Set 2 and drain the water.
  3. Dry Set 1 and Set 2.
  4. Fry Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3.
  5. Grind everything to nice powder (You can get it done in Mill)
  6. Store it in an airtight container.


  1. Boil 2 cups of water (adjust water based on your taste. Add more water if you want the gruel to be watery).
  2. Take 1 Tsp of Nutritious powder and mix with little amount of water and then add it to the boiling water.
  3. Keep mixing (see to that lumps are not formed). .
  4. The powder will boil and thicken. Switch off the stove.
  5. Add milk and sugar (as per your taste). You could alternatively add Buttermilk and salt. Enjoy the gruel :)

I know, the process is little far from doing if you are outside India. But then it is really worth giving it a try. If you are in India, I would definitely recommend :)


TBC said...

Hey Seec,
It is so nice to see your post after a very long time.
I have never heard of this powder before but it does seem nutritious:-)
That is so sweet of your dad to take pics of it while your mom made it for the sake of your blog

Lakshmi@TOM said...

Hi, I used to give this to my boy when he was very young. You can send this to RCI-Bihar as bihari's stuff sathu maavu in their chapathi's and pooris. It is a delicacy in Bihar.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Oh so nice to have you back in action! Hugs to you dear!:) I know blogging is addictive and takes so many hours everyday!:D I restrict myself to 2 hours approximately every day!:)
Your moms sathumaavu recipe is superb!:) I wanted a proper recipe and this is recipe I am going to use to make for myself!:)
A few years back I suddenly realized that many recipes were getting lost as I was getting these things from my mom and never bothered to note down the recipes! Then on i started jotting down a few recipes whenever I visited my parents.Since two years I don't feel like disturbing her with these things. Just wondering how I took my parents for granted!
Hope you enjoyed your break and feel rejuvenated!:)

Laavanya said...

Hey Seec! Good to hear from you after a break. Hope you are doing fine. I love the sathu maavu. I give my daughter Manna health mix ... That's so sweet of your father indeed.

Nags said...

my mom used to buy this from some shop in TN and make me drink it every day when i was in school.. brings back so many memories :)

Nags said...

amma used to buy this from a shop in TN and make me drink it every day.. (mixed in milk).. brings back so many memories now!

Vcuisine said...

SeeC, you brought back my memories. This is Vimal's food during his childhood. I used to change the ingredients as per the season like during summer i add parley and winter i avoid some nuts as digestion will be slow. Then I add cumin / omam for digestion too. He likes it so much. But i never used to have due to Raagi content and it puts on weight unless otherwise we do some extrodinary work. Tks for sharing this wonderful recipe. This far far better than Cerelac for babies. I keep cerelac only for travels. I could see Vimal's stength even now :) Take care. Viji

Latha said...

a great recipe, SeeC. Since I'm so used to having a hot drink first thing in the morning, the sathu maavu was my saviour during my pregnancy. Now I'm trying to get my son used to that taste. Definitely a filling and nutritious treat anytime of the day:)

Asha said...

My ajji makes this and we used to it mixed with milk and sugar. Never knew the recipe though bcos my mom never made it. Thanks girl!:))

bee said...

dear seec,
just yesterday i was reading about bihari food. they have somethin called 'sattu' which finds its way into everyhing. it's roasted gram flour ground to a certain consistency. i wonder if the two sattus have the same linguistic root.

Rina said...

Hey, thanx for this recipe. I used to enjoy this on a regular basis in chennai with the store bought mix.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

hey Seec....seeing u after a very very long time.....busy..?
Thanks for this recipe...have known this since long but don't know the recipe.........Thanks dear....hey.....Thanks to ur Mom and dad actually :-))

Puspha said...

WOW!!! This is a health bomb.

Latha Narasimhan said...


Jeena said...

Hey Seec how are you? I love this recipe it certainly is nutritious it looks wonderful so tasty. :)

zlamushka said...

Hey Seec,

what a fab recipe, I have never heard of anything like that. Why dont you send it over to my Spoonful of Christmas? I d love to post it for you. Very iunusual, I love. Tell me, how can I use this, just mix with water to make chapattis or? I want to try it real soon.

ramya said...

this sounds intresting. will try for sure.

USHA said...

Hi Seecs,

Hey its really very healthy recipe....nice snaps too....Thanks for sharing....

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi SeeC! Hope you had a great Diwali! :)

Rajitha said...

That is so sweet of your father to take extra care that the pics come out well..aren't parents the best :)

and i remember the grandmother still drinks this for breakfast smells really nice..but i have never tried it :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Thanks for your kind enquiries dear! Now they are much better! Appa is undergoing physio therapy for his broken arm. He will be here with me for 2 months as the weather in Delhi is very cold. Amma needs to be taken care by a nurse for everything , so she is not coming.
I am just praying that their suffering should reduce! Old age can be so painful.

Tee said...

So sweet of your dad! :) Saathu maavu looks really nutritious, and the gruel must be mighty tasty!
I know how difficult it gets to spend time on your blog and...i have been irregular myself these days. Thanks for all the comments you left on my patiently! :)

Laavanya said...

Hi Seec, Just wanted to drop by and thank you for all your comments on my blog. :) Very sweet of you indeed. Hope you are doing great.

Anonymous said...

Hey Seec!
I want some recepies for Sweets/Snacks using Sathu Mavu to be given to a poor HIV+ girl in our care. She hates todrink Sathu Mavu Kanji.
We are not asking how to repare the Sathu Mavu. We seek some recepie for Snack/Sweets that can be prepared with Sathu Mavu as the Main ingrediant. please help. Pl send recepies to
P.N.Kannan Chennai (Mobile 9381062307)

Rajlakshmi said...

Do u have any idea where to get Manna in the US?? Which Indian store in particular?? I have been giving it to my 1 year old and might soon exhaust the 5 kg supply that i got from India. He loves it!!!

SeeC said...

Thanks TBC.
Yeah it is very nutritious. If you get a chance do try it.

Thanks for the suggestion Lakshmi@TOM,
I am sorry I couldnt make it for the RCI.

Thanks Latha maami. You are very right.
Blogging is very addictive.
and am still taking break :)
Let me know when you try this one.
Have left more in your blog.

Thanks Laavanya.
Am doing great...more on your blog :)

Thanks Nags,
Even we used to and we are doing too :)

Thanks for the tips Viji.
I probably should add it in the post.

Thanks Latha. Good to know that this was your option
during pregn.

Its my pleasure Asha.
Even am used having it with Milk and Sugar

Bee, May be yes...but not sure.
Sattu in tamil means 'Nutritious'

Thanks for stopping by Rina.
Its easy to prepare (provided you get all ingredients)

Hi Sirisha,
Yeah...being busy with lot other stuffs.
Will convey the thanks to my parents ;)

Thanks Pushpa

Jeena, am doing great.
Thanks much.

Thanks Zlam. Yeah definitely...why not !
I havent' tried making chapatis with it.
But we just used to mix with milk and sugar (as in the post)
May be will try making chapati once :)

Thanks Ramya

Thanks Usha.

Rajitha.Yes, very true abt parents.
Even my grandparents used to have it as breakfast...
I too love the smell.
Try it when you get a chance.

Thanks Tee,
I have become toooo irregular in blogging.
Its my pleasure.

Its my pleasure Laavanya :)

Hello Kannan,
I shall e-mail you the recipes soon.
I am sorry if am late...couldnt do any better.

Hi Rajlakshmi,
I am located in UK and i cannot suggest you the right store in US.
But you may want to checkout this site
This gives you the list of Indian Stores in US.
You can select your state and check out the Indian Store nearby.
You can even request them(Indian store) to get it for you
(if they dont have). I am sure they will do.

TBC said...

Hey Seec,
Just popped in to wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous 2008.:-)
How have you been?

Jeena said...

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I would love to see you on there to chat about food and cooking you can talk about anything you like and start your very own topics. :-)
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Hope to see you soon


Jeena x

Lia said...

Hi Seec how are u? been long time didnt keep in touch with u, i have never heard about this powder thanks for share

srikar's kitchen said...

good healthy receipe.great click....

Malar Gandhi said...

Hello Seec,
First time to ur blog! You have great collection! I never tried any cholam/kambu in my recipes. It sounds different and so ethnic! Keep up the work.

Anonymous said...

Where do you live in the US. If you live in the big cities like NY, Dallas, Bay Area etc you may find it.

I use this site for looking for grocery stores. I think it have a good listing of stores around the world including the US

SeeC said...


Thanks for your wishes.
More on to your blog.

Hi Jeena,

Thanks for the invite.
I will try my best to join.

Hi Lia,
I am fine. Thanks.
Hope you are doing good too.
Had been quite busy with other stuff..

Hi Srikar,
Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Malar,

Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks for your comments too.

Hi Anonymous
Thanks for your info.
Guess it will be useful for everyone

SeeC said...
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Subin Varghese said...

I came across this site while searching for a nutritious recipe to give my infant. I have not come across a few of the ingredients and would like to know if I could substitute with the following:

Finger Millet -can I use finger millet powder instead?
Urad - can I use split urad instead?
I can't wait to try this recipe.Thanks

SeeC said...

Hi Subin Varghese,
Thanks for dropping by and sorry for the late response.
Yes you could substiture finger millet powder if you don't get finger millet.
And you can use split urad dhal.
Ensure that you fry it and powder it.

Please let me know once you try it :)

charulatha said...


I Was Searching this Sathu maavvu for long time... But now i got it.. Very Thanks for posting this... Thanks lot....

Raj said...

Hi Seec,

I have finally given up the search for Manna Kanji Powder. I did manage to get all (lucky me) the ingredients in the form of flours listed on the Manna Package. I got it at a Philadelphia Indian Store. See list below:
Ragi (red millet)
Bajra (Millet)
Maize (Corn Meal )
Fried Gram
Green Gram
Soya Bean
Sago (Sabu dana)
Cashew nut
Badam (Almonds)

I used a coffee scoop to measure equal parts of each of the ingredients and my son likes it. But i am not sure if i should do that or is there a specific ratio. Could you please ask your mom to clarify this question. It would be great if you can give me the ratio to the ingredients listed above.

vila said...

Hi i am vilasini,

I Was Searching this Sathu maavvu for long time... But now i got it.. Thanks lot....

SeeC said...

Hi Raj,

I dunno how I missed this entry.
Sorry for the very late reply.
I checked with my amma and she says equal proportion should be fine.

Hi Vilasini,
Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,this is a good recipe.i have to tell you when muslim ppl go to hajj pilgimage ,they always make this powder and take it.It is best energy giving food.

Dhara Johnny said...

Wow! Fantastic Recipe!!!
I just made this recipe in my own way with whatever I got in the store in my place.
I was thinking to prepare this recipe for months and I was worried that I didnt get so many grains in my place. Atlast your recipe inspired me to make it right then, with whatever I get. Thanku very much!!!

Anonymous said...


I want to know whether i can give this sattu maavu to my son during night time. He is 13 months old.

Easy Go said...

Hi.. Can you tell me for how long can we store this powder. Also, can give all these ingredients for my 6 month old son? Thanks for this receipe

chinathambi said...

Nice post.